[Belangrijk] Coronavirus update: Onze topprioriteit is de gezondheid van ons allen!

[Belangrijk] Coronavirus update van MOJO Nutrition B.V.

Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus tegen te gaan nemen regeringen en bedrijven maatregelen. Wij hebben de verantwoordelijkheid om de samenleving en in het bijzonder kwetsbare groepen en de zorgverleners in de frontlinie van deze pandemie te ondersteunen en te beschermen.

Bij MOJO willen en kunnen wij niet achterblijven. Daarom brengen wij je op de hoogte van de genomen maatregelen binnen MOJO, van onze partners en welke impact dit heeft op onze service.

Wij sluiten vanaf 17 maart onze locaties (in zowel Haarlem, Amsterdam en Apeldoorn). Leveranciers en partners sluiten net als ons hun deuren tot nader order.

Online bestellingen worden nog steeds uitgevoerd, wel kan uw bestelling langer onderweg zijn in verband de hoge druk bij onze partners.


Complete nutrition in 1 easy shake:
✓ Fast & easy
✓ All nutrients you need
✓ At home & on the go 




100% healthy, complete and balanced nutrition

Fast & Easy

Ready in 
15 seconds, at home and on the go

Save money

Great value, at only €2 per shake

Pure nature

Natural ingredients incl. Vegan & Gluten-Free options

Science based

Our products & education are based on the latest science

No food waste

>1 year shelf-life and sustainable production

MOJO bestselLERS

starter kit


/ 4 shakes + bottle



/ Box of 7 shakes

 1 kilo


/ 25 portions

Our mission

Lifestyle and nutrition are the most important factors affecting our mental and physical health. While science has accelerated, we are often too busy to do do the right thing. Our shakes and products embody this knowledge and now enable everyone to live happier, healthier lives. 

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what's in there?


Proteins are a vital source of energy and are essential building blocks for body tissue and fluids like bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. 


Vitamins ensure a proper functioning metabolism and body processes like cell (re)production, energy processing and immune functions. All 26 are included in optimal dosage.


Minerals together with vitamins are essential to cell production and the immune system. Minerals are not made by the body and have to come from diet. 


The Ayurvedic herbs in our nutrition are believed to cleanse the body, boost defense against disease, and keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance.


Our selection of 29 pure plant extracts decrease free radical (ROS) production, optimize oxygen utilization and naturally boost nitric oxide levels.


Isomaltulose ensures stable blood sugar levels. Due to it’s slow digestion it prevents glucose peaks and lasts longer and ensures a constant energy supply. 

what our fans say

Good product

Good nutrition products, responds quickly to questions and comments.

tasty shakes

Tasty shakes no chemical taste. Nicely packaged and good nutrients.

fast delivery

Fast delivery and good information. The vegan products taste fantastic.

ideal breakfast

So glad I discovered these shakes! Perfect for in the morning. Made me happy!

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